Can I pick up my order in-person if I live locally?

Yes! Select the local pickup option for shipping when completing your order. Orders that select local pickup at checkout can be picked up at GoTEN, 4801 N 19th Ave in Phoenix, between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Please allow 48 hours from the time of your order for it to be ready for pickup. **Orders that use this code are not eligible to be shipped at a later date.** If you need to pickup your order sooner than 48 hours, please text or email us to confirm availability *before* ordering.


How much do the seamstresses make?

The seamstresses always receive 95% of the purchase price. Shop Refugee takes a 5% cut to help cover the cost of hardware. 


How can I contact Shop Refugee?

If you have a question for us, please reach out via email at shop@shoprefugee.com or via phone at (623) 738-4347


Can I sell Shop Refugee products?

Definitely! We offer wholesale options and consignment in certain situations. Please contact us directly if you are interested.


Why are some items discounted?

As we are a training program, learning and growing is part of our sewing process. Some products are functional but don't meet our high quality standards just yet, so we offer them at a discount to our customers. Not letting anything go to waste is a part of our plan for sustainability.



We gladly accept fabric and sewing machines donations with some caveats! Fabric pieces about a 1/4 yard or larger are most helpful. We are not able to repurpose quilting scraps, but we will recycle them if we find them mixed into your larger pieces of fabric. We only accept sewing machines that are in working order. Please reach out via phone or email if you would like to arrange a donation.


Can I donate exactly what you need?

Yes! We have an Amazon wishlist that we update with our current hardware needs. You can find it in our Linktree, linked in all of our social media bios.


What do we mean when we say we are sustainable and use repurposed fabrics?

We receive all of our fabric from donations. These can be fabric from sewing rooms getting cleaned out, from businesses getting rid of out of seasonal scraps and samples, or from overstock products including curtains and sheets that were never purchased for their original purpose. We are proud of intercepting these materials on their way to landfill and giving them new life!

We also strive to be as low waste as possible. Fabrics we receive but can’t use are given to seamstresses who can use them. If they are beyond sewing use due to damage, we use them as practice scraps. We have designed products that use small pieces of fabric to incorporate our project scraps into finished products. And lastly, when the pieces are too small to even be used as practice scraps, we make sure to deliver them to fabric recycling. 

What is your standard of quality?

At Shop Refugee, we take quality very seriously. We want to turn out seamstresses that hold their sewing to a high standard, so we hold our products to a very high standard. Any products that don’t pass our quality check are either reworked, sold in our discounted section if they’re functional, or repurposed. You can feel confident that your Shop Refugee products will be free of stains, blemishes, and constructed in a thoughtful and sturdy way.