The Story Behind The Seam

Empowering refugee women to create a micro business.

GoTEN in partnership with Loving Covers is helping refugee women learn to sew. GoTEN has traditionally taught English to refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, and many other countries. Since the GoTEN English Centers take a break during the summer months, the idea to use the center to help refugees develop a skill was born. Part of GoTEN's style of teaching involves partnering refugees with native English speakers to help them advance in conversation English and to develop friendships with Americans.

The sewing class is no different. Each refugee student is paired with an experienced seamstress who coaches them in sewing practices, encourages English conversation, and initiates a new friendship. 

Refugees need our services, but what they want is an American friend.

The products sold on this website directly benefit the women doing the sewing. Since all of the materials are currently donated, 100% of the profit is given to the refugee women who sewed the product. Our hope is that these women can continue to sew new products and provide additional income for their families. Most refugee women stay at home with children and only leave the house for shopping and collecting kids after school. The sewing class is not only teaching skills but provides for much-needed social interaction outside the home.

The women are considered independent contractors and are not required to participate in the selling of products. Each item sewn belongs to the seamstress until it is sold here.