Our First Project

The first student arrived at the sewing class fifteen minutes early. This woman was so eager to continue her sewing project from last week that she came while we were still setting up the class! Soon after, the rest of the women filed in. We had a full class - five refugee students and six volunteer seamstresses. Excited chatter and the hum of the sewing machines filled the room as the women sewed pillowcases, their first project of the class.

The women are really starting to catch on to the sewing of the pillowcases.  Today, we learned how to do the French Seam, which provides a more professional finish, in the event that they don't have access to a serger machine.  Although, they all LOVE using the serger. 

My favorite part was watching the refugee women iron out their pillowcases after they had finished sewing. They worked with deliberate precision, and I could see their pride and delight as they pressed the iron over every square inch of their pillowcase. After ironing out every wrinkle and crease, the women would hold up their pillowcases for everyone to see while absolutely beaming with joy! I was amazed by how talented they already are, and they'll be able to learn new skills and techniques in each class as they work on different projects. I can't wait to see what they make next week!